Script Consultancy

Throughout his career, Baldwin has observed that almost anyone can have a great idea, but turning a concept into a compelling screenplay often requires assistance. Over the years, Baldwin has honed a development process that helps writers effectively transform ideas into the written word, maximizing their chances of success.

His process always involves a one-to-one conversation to delve into the core motivations behind the decision to start writing. This exploration aims to unearth the initial inspirational idea, which can’t always be gleaned from reading a screenplay alone. His service goes far beyond the standard—and widely available—script report or ‘coverage’ that typically involves basic analysis, tick-boxes, and numerical ratings.

All consultations include a 1-hour video call.


Read up to 15 pages

1-hour video call


Read up to 15–30 pages

1-hour video call


Read up to 120 pages

1-hour video call

Help with treatments, outlines, and pitch decks is also available.

To discuss how Baldwin can assist you, please visit the contact page and provide details of your project.


Baldwin encouraged me to dig deeper to the root of what my story was about and, with his insight, I was able to find clarity in the layers of my story and develop the interplay between them in a clear and succinct way.

He highlighted the importance of setup and pay-offs when creating tension which helped me make each scene more purposeful and dramatic. My revised script was a huge improvement over the original.

I would definitely recommend Baldwin if you want to improve any screenwriting ideas you’re developing.

Adam Lawrence


I came to Baldwin with a script that I thought was almost ready to shoot, but at the end of his development process I had a much improved and stronger piece of work.

He pointed out, in a supportive manner, the gaps between my artistic intent and what was actually on the page, and offered strategies to help bridge those gaps.

His experience both in scriptwriting and the practical producing side of filmmaking shone through when offering suggestions to enrich the script. I felt in complete control throughout the process, able to make my own decisions while taking his feedback, thoughts, and offerings into account.

Ray Jacobs


I have an MA in Screenwriting and a BA in Creative Writing, but after a handful of sessions under Baldwin’s mentorship, my skills as a writer significantly improved.

We thoroughly examined every aspect of the script, rebuilding it on much stronger foundations. This involved developing the psychology of the characters, and addressing some small yet crucial details that elevated the overall piece.

I feel significantly more confident as a writer and will employ the script development skills I've learnt to everything I write in the future.

Jack Lawrence